Susan S. Kane
Reiki Master Teacher
Integrated Energy Therapist®
Master Instructor
Master Hypnotherapist
What does a private session entail?
During a private energy session, the client lies on a massage table fully clothed, in a room with soft lighting and gentle music in the background. Whether doing specially Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy, I create a comfortable space for the client to relax and let go of cares and concerns. Then, the healing energy takes over. A typical session lasts for about an hour.

What do I wear when I come in for a session?
Wear comfortable clothes. Usually people remove their shoes before they get on the massage table. If you wear a belt you may chose to remove that as well. If you wear contact lenses and don't like to have your eyes closed for an extended period of time with them in, you may choose to not wear them during your session.

Is there a limit to how many energy sessions a person can have?
No. The energy is positive and only works on your behalf for your highest and best.

How do I schedule a session?
Its easy. Just send me an email and we will set something up today!

What types of things can Hypnotherapy treat?
Hypnotherapy can help alleviate and/or transform many symptoms and/or problems.

Will I remember my Hypnotherapy session?
Yes, you will. It is a form of guided relaxation in which suggestions are accepted by the subconscious mind which leads to changes in habits.

How do I know if Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy® or Hypnotherapy are for me?
If you have read this far, then you are interested. Do you have questions or concerns not answered? If so, call or email me and I can help. Or, why not schedule a session and have an experience for yourself to decide if it's for you or not.