Susan S. Kane
Reiki Master Teacher
Integrated Energy Therapist®
Master Instructor
Master Hypnotherapist
What is a session like?
The client lies fully clothed on a massage table. During IET® and Reiki sessions I gently place my hands on or slightly over the body starting from your head continuing to your toes, first on the front and then on the back. A session lasts about an hour.

How does IET® and Reiki work?
Both are spiritually guided practices that allow the body to naturally move into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. This means your body activates its own self-healing energies. It is felt as deep, calm relaxation. Usually people feel refreshed and energized after a session. You may even go to sleep during your session.

What types of things can hypnosis treat?
Hypnosis can help a person change many behaviors. Using relaxation, you invite your subconscious mind to accept suggestions that support the change you are seeking. It can help alleviate symptoms and lessen problems and help cultivate desired behaviors. Contact me to discuss your particular concern.

What is a past life regression like?
A past life regression may be requested for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are simply curious if you have lived another lifetime, maybe you have met someone and feel a deep connection to them immediately which you can’t explain and wonder if you have known each other before, or maybe you have an unexplained skill and would like to know when you learned it.

You become relaxed in body and mind and are invited to an earlier time to help find an answer to the questions you have. Most people find this a very healing experience.

If you have a particular question or concern not addressed here, please contact me.
I will be happy to talk with you!