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REIKI - (pronounced ray-key) is a way to relaxation in the same way meditation and yoga are ways to relax.

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of energy work that promotes self-healing. Some clients feel warmth, some coolness. Some clients have a feeling of heaviness and other feel lightness or a sense of floating. Others see colors and some people experience nothing. There is no one right way to experience Reiki. It is personal to the individual. No matter how it is experienced, when a session is complete, most people enjoy feeling renewed, energized and peaceful.

Reiki promotes balance in the nervous system, which reduces stress and pain. Reiki increases energy and mental clarity and supports emotional and physical well-being. Many people are delighted to be sleeping better after experiencing Reiki. Reiki compliments any health care practices or medications already in place in your life, but is not a replacement for traditional medical care. There are no contraindications from having a Reiki treatment.

In addition to private sessions, I offer classes in Reiki. Reiki teaching is divided into three parts: Reiki One; Reiki Two; and Reiki Three, Master Teacher.

In the Reiki One class, the student learns the basics of Reiki - what it is; history; Reiki Principles, and hand positions for self-treatment and for treatment on others. The student is attuned to first degree Reiki and is empowered to use the energy on themselves, others who are close to them, and even on their pets! Once a person is attuned to Reiki energy, it is always part of them.

In the Reiki Two class, the student learns the Reiki symbols and distance healing, as their energy channel has been expanded to the second degree Reiki attunement. Usually, Reiki Three training is for those with the desire to teach Reiki to others, although the desire to teach is not a prerequisite.

If it has been a while since you have used your Reiki skills and feel rusty, I have two offerings for you. One possibility is for you to schedule a two hour private session with me called a Reiki Refresher. We will review the appropriate curriculum and I will re-attune you. I will clarify any questions you may have and when we are done, you will feel confident and eager to go out and share your Reiki skills. A second possibility is to simply retake the class. Call me, and we can set up the training you need.

I offer 30 minutes sessions for your beloved pet as well.
Dogs and cats love Reiki energy!