Susan S. Kane
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REIKI - (pronounced ray-key) is a spiritual practice carried in the hands that balances and relaxes the body, mind and spirit in the same way as yoga and meditation.

Reiki is a safe, gentle process promoting self-healing. Reiki treatment moves the nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance. This relaxes the recipient reducing pain and alleviating stress. Reiki treatment can be experienced in different ways. Sometimes it is experienced as heaviness, lightness, floating, heat or simply nothing. When a session is complete, most people feel renewed, energized, and peaceful.

Reiki treatment compliments any health care practices, but is not a replacement for traditional medical care. There are no known contraindications for Reiki treatment.

In addition to private sessions, I offer Reiki trainings. In First Degree Reiki the student learns the basics of Reiki-what it is; history; Reiki Principals; hand positions for daily self-treatment and hand positions for the treatment of others. The student is empowered to use the energy on themselves, others who are close to them and even pets!

In Second Degree the student receives the second initiation and deepens their practice by learning the empowerment symbol; the mental emotional symbol and the distance symbol.

Third Degree Reiki Master Teacher Level is generally offered to only First Degree and Second Degree students I have trained. However, if requested, exceptions may be made. Third Degree Reiki training empowers one to teach Reiki to others, although the desire to teach is not required.