Susan S. Kane
Reiki Master Teacher
Integrated Energy Therapist®
Master Instructor
Master Hypnotherapist
Reiki or Integrated Energy Session:
One Session for $75.00
Sliding scale rates available.

Reiki Only:
Reiki Session - 30 Minutes $40.00
Remote Reiki Session - 30 Minutes $40.00
Reiki Session for a Pet - 30 Minutes $40.00 (+ travel)

One Day Reiki Classes:
Reiki One $175.00
Reiki Two $275.00
Reiki Three - Master Teacher $500.00

Reiki Refresher $150.00
Already a Usui Master Teacher? Ask About Lightarian Reiki!

Reiki for Kids:
Two Sessions $110.00

Hosting a party? How about offering Reiki Samples to your guests?
A Reiki Sample is a 10 minute head, neck and shoulder experience.
It may be short but the positive effects are amazing!

Integrated Energy Therapy® Sessions
One Day Classes:
Basic IET® Class $195.00
Intermediate Class $215.00
Advanced Class $215.00
Healing With The Angels $110.00
IET® Seven Steps to Transformation $180.00
IET® For Kids $40.00

Two Day Classes:
Unified Basic and Healing with the Angels $265.00

Individuals seeking clinical hypnotherapy services must schedule a $50.00
thirty minute consultation to discuss their goals and share the history
of the presenting issue. Then, if it is determined that clinical hypnotherapy
will help in meeting the stated goals, then a series of three sessions
will be scheduled.

Each session cost $100.00.
Sessions are 45 - 75 minutes long.

For those wishing to experience regression therapy,
three sessions may not be necessary. This will be determined
between the hypnotherapist and the client. The fee is $100.00 per session.

Group Sessions:
From time to time, I offer hypnotherapy groups. Current topics include:
Healthy Eating for Healthy Weight Loss and Dealing with Stress. If you
would like to see a topic listed here that isn't, please contact me
and we can talk. Upcoming classes are listed on the Events Page.

Please note - If you have a need for any service I offer
and are not able to pay the stated value, please let me know.
I am personally committed to helping others along their journey
and will do what I can to make the work I do affordable
to all who seek to benefit from it. ~ Susan