Susan S. Kane
Reiki Master Teacher
Integrated Energy Therapist®
Master Instructor
Master Hypnotherapist
Reiki or Integrated Energy Session:
One Session for $75.00   (Sliding scale rates available.)
Senior Rate $65.00

Reiki Only:
Reiki Session - 30 Minutes $40.00
Remote Reiki Session - 30 Minutes $40.00
Reiki Session for a Pet - 30 Minutes $40.00 (+ travel)

One Day Reiki Classes:
First Degree Reiki $175.00
Seond Degree Reiki $275.00

Already a Usui Master Teacher? Ask About Lightarian Reiki!

Reiki training for Kids:
This is done in two Sessions $110.00

Hosting a party? How about offering Reiki Samples to your guests?
A Reiki Sample is a 10 minute head, neck and shoulder experience.
It may be short but the positive effects are amazing!

Integrated Energy Therapy® Sessions
One Day Classes:
Basic IET® Class $195.00
Intermediate Class $215.00
Advanced Class $215.00
Healing With The Angels $110.00
IET® Seven Steps to Transformation $180.00
IET® For Kids $40.00

Two Day Classes:
Unified Basic and Healing with the Angels $265.00

Individuals seeking hypnosis services must schedule a $50.00
thirty minute consultation to discuss their goals and share the history
of the presenting issue. Then, if it is determined that hypnosis
will help in meeting the stated goals, then a series of three or four sessions
will be scheduled.

Each session cost $100.00.
Sessions are 45 - 75 minutes long.

Past Life Regression:
Sessions are approximately 1½ - 2 hours long and the cost is $150.00.

Group Sessions:
From time to time, I offer hypnotherapy groups. Current topics include:
Healthy Eating for Healthy Weight Loss and Dealing with Stress. If you
would like to see a topic listed here that isn't, please contact me
and we can talk. Upcoming classes are listed on the Events Page.

Please note - If you have a need for any service I offer
and are not able to pay the stated value, please let me know.
I am personally committed to helping others along their journey
and will do what I can to make the work I do affordable
to all who seek to benefit from it. ~ Susan