Susan S. Kane
Reiki Master Teacher
Integrated Energy Therapist®
Master Instructor
Master Hypnotherapist
"What a wonderful experience I had during our last session. I swear there was a time when I was not sure if I was in contact with the table. Afterwards I had such a calm and peaceful feeling that lasted for days. Not sure if I can reach that level of tranquility again but I look forward to our next session. Thanks Susan." J. D.

"Reiki felt like warm velvet cascading over me." A. T.

"I had the sensation of energy ribbons flowing through my body during my IET® session. Before the session began, my head and sinuses hurt. When we were done, I felt better! I was clear headed. As Susan moved her Reiki charged hand spreading the soft energy over my body, I thought, "YEAH, this stuff really works!" I felt relaxed and slept better for days." B. A.

"During my first IET® session with Susan, I felt a calming, soothing energy and felt myself drifting off into a very comfortable relaxed state. The night before my session I was writing in my journal about what I hoped to experience during my session and these same ideas came up during my time on the table and felt so affirming to me. Areas of my life I had been looking for some movement in seemed to gently move towards alignment. Interestingly to me, The next night after my session I was sitting on my couch and I felt such a lightness in my heart that I hadn't felt in a very long time. I realized this was an after-effect of my IET® session. Even four days later I still feel this lightness in my heart area when I take just a few moments to be still and notice. I am so grateful for this shift and look forward to my next session. Susans' energy is so beautiful. IET® was completely new and unique to me, having experienced other methods of energy work in the past. I am so glad to have had this opportunity to enjoy IET®." K. B.

"Dear Susan, just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session I had with you the other day. And the timing was perfect having it right after my dental appointment - as dental work is one of my least favorite things and always stresses me out some. I was definitely NOT stressed out after my time with you and your expert hands! I can still recall the absolute sense of calm and warmth you brought to me with your expert Reiki skill. Reiki is good stuff!!! Until the next time, grateful." L. B.

P.S. Please feel free to share this on your website - I bet once people try Reiki, they will want to add it to their self care routine.

"I have had the flu for about a week, I went to my doctor two days ago and I was beginning to feel better. However, I was still being bothered by nasal congestion and having to breathe through my mouth. I had a long distance Reiki session with Susan today and during the session I felt a tremendous wave of energy to through my body and a tingling in my face. After the session I was able to breathe from my belly and had more energy than I had before coming down with the flu. My sense of smell had also returned. I am so grateful to be feeling well again and I will be calling Susan for a long distance Reiki session whenever I feel the need for healing and wellness." S. D.

"I had signed up to take Reiki One and Reiki Two with Susan Kane who I am told by a friend is a gifted healer. The day before the class I had come down with the flu and had a temperature of over 100 degrees. I phoned her to explain my situation thinking that I would be unable to attend her class the next day. She had sent me healing remotely. I was aware of the healing when it occurred (although I did not know she had decided to do this for me). Later in the day I felt considerably better and my temperature dropped to normal. I went to bed early and slept well until the next morning when I felt well enough to attend class. Today three of us finished her Reiki One class which consisted of mostly hands on practice and instruction. Reiki One teaches us how to heal ourselves and Reiki Two teaches us how to work on others. These classes complement each other. All of us received a notebook for future reference which included a journal to record all Reiki sessions that we perform. I can speak for the others and say that we are all very relaxed and grounded by this healing. You will have to take a class or have a Reiki session with Susan to experience this first hand. R. A.

"My Reiki session was "the gift of returning to myself." N. M.
"From the moment I entered Susan's room, I felt an overwhelming sense of love, and calming energy. But that wasn't even the beginning! It had been years since my last Reiki session, so although I had an idea of what to expect, I was blown away by Susan's Master Reiki healing skills the second her hands hovered above me. I instantly felt the warmth of her healing energy penetrate my body through layers of sheets, blankets, and clothing. It RADIATED right through me, and brought on an instant calming affect to my entire being. For someone who struggles with meditation, and "just relaxing in the moment," I was shocked to find myself reciting a simple mantra in my head throughout the entire session. It came on so organically, and I give full credit to Susan and her healing energy for opening the door for me to just let go, and let in. I walked out of her studio at the end of the session with a new glow about me. I could feel it, but more importantly, I could see it. The light in my eyes a little brighter, the step in my feet a little lighter. And I should mention, that morning I had a distinct feeling of "waking up on the wrong side of the bed." One Reiki session with Susan turned my entire day around, and the healing/loving energy I received from her had lasting effects throughout the days to follow. I can't WAIT to see her again! She is truly a master of the healing arts!" Warm Wishes, C. C.

"After experiencing a remote session (I was in Maine, the recipient was in California) this was the response I received: "I feel wonderful! I feel very relaxed and my mind is less cluttered. I felt nice waves of relaxation during the session. My back and hips also feel much better - I was a pretzel before." J. C.

"My son really enjoyed Susan's class. He came home excited to tell us about making a pendulum for dowsing and how it worked. When he got home he sat down to connect to his angel and ask for help sending energy/healing to the new litter of puppies we had. It was a wonderful class and he lights up when he talks about what he learned. Susan is a wonderful teacher." K. B.

"I had never been hypnotized before. It felt very wonderful and free. I honestly feel since starting the class I have completely changed my thoughts about food." T. G.

"It was relaxing and made me feel better about myself. It made me think why I overeat and opened my eyes to other options." B. C.

"This was a great experience! The class motivated me and I learned things that are easy to apply to everyday life. I'm looking forward to more classes." K. M.

"Susan is a born teacher. She brings her knowledge from public education into her healing classes. She has simple, but fresh techniques to get her information across. Susan explains Reiki in a way that makes it easy to understand." L. M.

"Susan is a valuable energy therapist who brings light to the lives of her family, friends and clients. She is dedicated to making the world a healthy, peaceful, loving place for all." A. S.

"I first experienced Reiki through a program on stress release at church. Soon after I started going to Susan for Reiki treatments. I found them so helpful that I took a Reiki class a few years later. I use Reiki when I wake up at night. It relaxes me enough so I fall asleep quickly after the Reiki session. I also use Reiki to help me calm down during stressful times." D. M.

"After my session I felt at peace and totally relaxed, the stresses that my body had been feeling were removed. I will continue sessions with Susan as I want to experience this feeling again and again." S. D.

"It is true that I think I have tried just about every diet on the market. I have drank my weight in shakes and eaten countless magic pills and supplements. I have twice joined weight loss programs and attended meetings. I have joined the gym and attended yoga classes. I did have some success with most of these plans. But I can honestly say that from the very first session, hypnotherapy finally feels like the right path. It never occurred to me over the years I needed to make mindful mental adjustments in my lifestyle and then combine that with moderation and more activity. I feel like I am finally on track to being healthy again!" N. M.